[ Pattern and Grid Notes ]


1. Life matter: Observe your surroundings.
Thought: Most of what you see is life matter.
Movement: Spark emerges on line

2. Life energy: What catches your attention?
Thought: Energy is responsible for movement.
Movement: Line bends

3. Life space: Go explore.
Thought: Allow curiosity to guide your movement through space.
Movement: Spark connects with black ring

4. Life awareness: What is unknowable?
Thought: We are never done expanding awareness.
Movement: Line forms ring and its spark collects black particles

5. Social matter: Are people around?
Thought: People are social matter.
Movement: Second spark emerges on new line

6. Social energy: Why are people interacting?
Thought: Are people engaged and vibrant or withdrawn and disillusioned?
Movement: New line bends

7. Social space: Are people organized?
Thought: How do spaces and places foster or inhibit human relationships?
Movement: Spark connects with black ring

8. Social Awareness: Who is suffering? Who is thriving? Why?
Thought: Independence is an illusion.
Movement: Line forms second ring, sparks overlap, spark interior is displaced

9. Polar matter: Who are you attracted to?
Thought: What physical features tempt you to turn your head?
Movement: Sparks dissolve, contents flood black ring, two rings form large twisted ring

10. Polar energy: What is it about them?
Thought: Is there a spark? Could you have chemistry?
Movement: Ring ends fold over and draw towards flooded black ring

11. Polar space: Can you be together?
Thought: Eliminating space entails varying degrees of surrender.
Movement: Twisted ring ends cut through black ring and connect with the flooded interior

12. Polar awareness: Are you able to be vulnerable?
Thought: What do we learn through love and loss?
Movement: Folded ring ends absorb black ring’s contents

13. Self matter: How do you know you exist?
Thought: Experience your existence through your senses.
Movement: Black ring transforms into two small black points connected by intersecting rings

14. Self energy: What do you desire?
Thought: What do you invest your energy in?
Movement: Black points begin drawing together causing intersecting rings to bend

15. Self space: How is your health?
Thought: What can you do to integrate the systems of your body?
Movement: Black points connect and intersecting rings nearly collapse

16. Self awareness: To what do you conform?
Thought: What version of reality are you reinforcing?
Movement: Black points unite to form a black sphere, collapsed rings condense into a large orange sphere, and we await an eclipse

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